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Welcome to the official website of the Thousand Oaks Property Owner's Association (TOPOA.)  We are located in the county of Montgomery in Magnolia, Texas.
Current property owners may apply for membership by clicking the "Are You A Member" tab above.  Please allow up to three business days for your password request to be processed (except new property owners, see note below).  Your Thousand Oaks property address must be provided.
Note; Registration is not instant.  Verification process by Website Administration must be completed before access is given.  Records used for verification are from the management company, Montgomery County Appraisal District or Montgomery County Clerk's office and the State of Texas so you must provide your name to match this information.
If you have submitted your request and did not receive your log-on information, we suggest you check your spam folder on your devices and by going online to your email provider.
Contact Information
Board of Directors:  Property owners click on "Contact Us" in the upper left hand column to ask questions.  If you are not a Thousand Oaks property owner and have questions about the community, please conatct Tri Star Community Management.
Community Management:  Our community is managed by Tri-Star Community Management, Conroe, TX.  For contact information, click on their tab located in the upper left hand column.
Gate Access Administration:  Email
NOTE:  All gate access requests and questions should go thru TOPOA Gate Admin at the email above.
New property owners:  If you have purchased property in Thousand Oaks and will be moving into the neighborhood, please email the TOPOA gates administrator for instructions on what you need to do to obtain access.  Allow 2 weeks notice.  A toll tag (EZ tag, TX tag or NTTA tag) is required.  Property ownership is verified.
Current Property Owners:  If you are having gate issues, please email the board members using "Contact Us' in the left hand column or the TOPOA gate admin email address above.
Website Administration Only:  Email if you are having website issues such as logging in or questions about the website only.
Amenity Key Card Access Only;  Information and forms can be found in the Amenity section on this website or email
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